ASEAN Spa Services Standard Guideline – The people and the products

(TITC) – People and products are two most vital factors contributing to raise the bar of Spa Services Standard.

3. The People

3.1. Age

No person under the age of 18 years or as stipulated by local labour laws, (and which ever is highest)shall be employed in the spa.

3.2. Health

Staff working in spa shall be in good general health, with no communicable diseases. 

3.3. Language

All staff shall communicate effectively with their colleagues and their clients.

3.4. Grooming

All staff shall be suitably groomed and attired in accordance with the professionally accepted level of hygiene and the company’s Operational Standards.

3.5. Servicing etiquette and demeanor

Staff and management shall maintain a level of professional service etiquette and demeanor at all times.

3.6.    Qualifications and Training

3.6.1 The staff working in an establishment shall have participated in and successfully completed in a related qualification with valid certificate.          

3.6.2 All staff shall have completed a company and premises orientation program upon commencement of employment.

3.6.3 All staff shall have participated in and completed training in product and services appropriate to their position, before contact with clients.

3.6.4 All staff shall participate in an on-going periodic assessable in-house training program to ensure maintenance and development of knowledge and standards.

3.6.5 Top management shall provide staff with the opportunity for professional development.

3.6.6 Top management shall ensure that all staff are knowledgeable in procedures to be taken when dealing with guest misconduct.

3.7. Working Practices

3.7.1 Staff shall work in a clean and safe manner at all times.

3.7.2 Staff shall work in a professional and ethical manner at all times.

4. The Products

4.1. Products

4.1.1 Products used in the provision of spa treatments shall be organic and/or natural.

4.1.2 Products used in the provision of spa treatments shall be biodegradable in nature

4.1.3 Products used shall be ethically sourced and manufactured, without exploitation of people or the environment.

4.2.    Benefits

The beneficial effects or efficacy claims of products used or sold shall not be exaggerated.

4.3.   Certification

Products shall conform to the ASEAN Harmonization Act or any amendments thereof; have a Certificate of Manufacturer, Certificate of Free Sale or Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate as is appropriate. Any products used which are not required by law to have such certificates shall conform to local Food & Drug (FDA) regulations or similar and not be deemed detrimental to clients well-being.

4.4. Quality Control

Products produced by the spa shall have a quality control process.

4.5. Inventory Control

Products used in the spa shall be subject to an inventory control system in accordance with good business practises and specified product use-by-dates.

4.6. Usage

Products shall be used in accordance with standard hygiene practises, and any unused portion shall not be returned to the bulk container.

4.7. Storage

All products shall be stored under the appropriate conditions and temperature as recommended by the product manufacturer.

4.8. Hygiene

4.8.1 All tools and equipment used to apply, transfer or use product shall be maintained in a clean and hygienic condition at all times.

4.8.2 All cleaning products used in the spa shall be safe and not harmful to staff or clients.

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