3 steps to choose a qualified AMVS establishment

(TITC) – The AMVS assessment is a key component in identifying potential MICE venues that qualify for the ASEAN MICE Venue Standards. There are 3 steps.

STEP 1: Awareness Programme & Screening Process

Before implementing the certification programme, the government tourism organisation will organise seminar, forum, meeting, etc. to create awareness and inform MICE venues about AMVS.

The National Assessment Committee will then conduct a screening process to identify MICE venues that qualify for certification based on the AMVS.

The applicant must be clear on what ‘setting’ they apply for certification. In other words, there must be a clear selection on the choice of setting (hotels/resorts, conventions/exhibitions, or public/private sectors). The National Assessment Committee must screen the application to ensure that the choice is appropriate and applicable for certification.

STEP 2: Assessment

Assessment will be carried out by the National Assessment Committee. On-site inspections, document reviews and interviews will be conducted during the assessment. Assessments are based on the AMVS and the date of assessment will be made known to the MICE venue operators beforehand.

The National Assessment Committee shall finish an assessment report which will include a list of successful MICE venue operators for certification and submit to the Government Tourism Organisation at the national level.

The duration of step 1 and 2 should be not more than 3-4 weeks or as the case may be.

In order to receive the AMVS, MICE venues must score at least 75% of the full score.

STEP 3: Approval

The Government Tourism Organisation at the national level will present the assessment report and list of successful MICE venues at the ASEAN Member States (AMS) meeting for approval. Once endorsed, the ASEAN Member States will issue the ASEAN MICE Venue Standards certificate and plaque to the successful MICE venues. 

  • Unsuccessful MICE Venues in Assessment

For MICE venues that fail the assessment, the National Assessment Committee will issue a corrective action form and comments to the affected MICE venues which specifies the corrective measures required to be carried out.

MICE venues are given 1 to 6 months depending on the time needed to perform corrective actions. Upon completion of the required corrective measures, the applicant is required to resubmit the Corrective Action Form to the AMVS National Assessment Committee to conduct reassessment. Reassessment will then be conducted ONLY on the criteria that did not meet the Standard during the initial assessment. Figure 10.2 below shows the reassessment process.

  • Successful MICE Venues

For MICE venues that successfully pass the assessment will receive the ASEAN MICE Venue Standards certificate and plaque issued by the ASEAN Member States.

The ASEAN MICE Venue Standards Plaque is crafted from gold-coloured metal, attached to a piece of beige-coloured wood. The plaque measures 20.5 cm x 15.5 cm. with the border of beige-coloured wood of 2 cm. 

  • Validation Period

The proposed validity period for the AMVS is 3 years. Certified MICE venues will be reassessed every 3 years to renew their certificates. This will enable the government tourism organisation to update and monitor the performance of certified MICE venues to ensure that they maintain their quality and standard as specified in AMVS.

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