Yen Bai province develops tourism become key economy sector

Located at the Northwest gateway with many potentials of natural landscapes, cultural and historical heritages, Yen Bai wants to develop tourism into a key economic sector.

Yen Bai has built and developed 4 key tourism areas: Thac Ba Lake and Chay river; Yen Bai city and its around area; the West area toursim (including: Van Chan, Nghia Lo, Tram Tau and Mu Cang Chai) and Tran Yen – Van Yen tourism area.

Yen Bai also has focused on developing tourism in direction of professional and sustainable way, in accordance with preserving and promoting cultural value, local history and environment protection. Forming and developing 5 tourism productions: Sightseeing and relaxation; community tourism and ethnic cultural discovering; ecological tourism; spirituality and adventure tourism.

In 2022, Yen Bai province promote tourism in new normal conditions with many activities with the motto: “Yen Bai – The destination of safety- hospitability – identity, attraction, impression”…; welcomed Farmtrip surveying new tourism products; hold meeting to resolving difficulties and recovering tourism in new condition….

At the same time, effectively implemented policies to stimulate tourism demand, restore tourism, support units and businesses to participate in tourism stimulus programs; promoted information and images of culture and tourism with the theme “Yen Bai – the convergence of Northwest colors”… With many measurements, tourist places have attracted a high number of visitors such as Thac Ba Lake tourist area, Dong Ho community tourism area, Lavie Vu Linh tourist area, or Dai An tourist area (Khai Trung – Luc Yen) …

Specially, in some areas in the West of the province such as Mu Cang Chai, Van Chan, Nghia Lo and elogical areas in Khau Pha pick, Muong Lo and Festival discovering terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai and Mu Cang Chai Paragliding festival have also atracted a number of tourists.

In some localtities, community have been stably developed, people here opened homestays serving tourists; exploited special culture of local people which help to increase incomes and stalblize lives for local people.

Yen Bai also steps up to digital transformation in toursim; develop smart tourism. Accodingly, Yen Bai also supports investers and managers to uses and exploit data in smart -city platform to develop and supply apps supporting tourists and tourism; propagating and promoting for people to participate in applying scientific and technological advances to tourism activities, protecting the environment, ensuring the goal of sustainable tourism development…

With that way, more and more international and domestic tourists travel Yen Bai province; Revenue from tourism and tourism services has experienced strong growth and has become a key economic sector. In 2018, the province welcomed 560,000 of tourists with revenue of more than 333 billion dong; in 2019, Yen Bai welcomed more than 700,000 domestic and international tourists, the revenue is over 420 billion VND – an impressive figure in a mountainous province located deep inland…

In first 6 months of 2022, Yen Bai tourism has made a strong breakthrough, attracting over 805,755 visitors, reaching 73.2% of the year plan, exceeding 210% of the second quarter plan, up 59.6% compared to that of the year. In the same period, tourism revenue was estimated at 524 billion VND, equaling 62% of the year plan and increasing by 96.5% over the same period. Those are optimistic, prosperous numbers and are clear evidence for Yen Bai tourism development.

With all the initiative, flexibility and creativity, tourism in Yen Bai province is gradually affirming the brand of “Northwest – the plalce of color convergence” and is one of the first localities to seize the opportunity to bring tourism post-pandemic recovery. It can be seen that tourism in Yen Bai province is a safe, attractive, unique, attractive and impressive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Source: Yen Bai Portal –

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