Chu Dang Ya Wild Sunflower – Volcano Festival kicks off in Gia Lai

The Chu Dang Ya Wild Sunflower – Volcano Festival kicked off in the communal house of Ia Gri Village, Chu Dang Ya Commune, Chu Pah District, Gia Lai Province.

Festival-goers given chance to paraglide over Chu Dang Ya olcano

The festival opened with a gong performance, gathering 14 art troupes from the communes and town in Chu Pah District, during which the performers paraded from the communal house to the foot of Chu Dang Ya Volcano and returned to greet visitors.

Visitors to the festival can explore the traditional crafts of Central Highlanders including brocade and bamboo weaving, wood carving, and musical instrument making, or take part in various folk games such as bag jumping, stick pushing, tug of war, and bamboo pole dancing.

A book fair showcasing publications on the history, culture, and folk music of ethnic groups in Gia Lai Province, a photo exhibition, and a fair featuring souvenirs, local specialties and farm produce of the Central Highlands region are also being held within the framework of the festival.

Notably, for the first time, festival goers will have the chance to experience paragliding to contemplate the breath-taking landscape created by yellow wild sunflower carpets and majestic mountains while flying together with a professional paraglider.

The festival, which will run until November 17, is expected to welcome more than 100,000 visitors.

Source: NDO –

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