ASEAN Homestay Standard: Happy guests, enjoyable activities

(TITC) – Activities criteria consists the Village and Community Based and Surrounding activities to attract visitors, in which, the Authenticity acts as genuine, original, unadulterated or the real thing in order to give real experience to the guests especially related to local culture and nature.

  • Activities
    • Village and Community Based Activities
      • The village and community based activities shall optimise and showcase the local resources such as the following:
        • Local culture and heritage
        • Local enterprises (Micro enterprises, farms, local industries, handicrafts).
        • Natural resources (forests, rivers, caves, lakes, etc.)
      • The design and implementation of the activities shall encourage the interactive participation between local community and guests.
    • Surrounding Activities
      • Visits to popular tourist attractions in the surrounding areas shall be integrated into the homestay package/itinerary with the homestay functioning as a base.
      • Collaborate with other villages in the adjacent/surrounding areas to add variation to the activities as well as create multiplier effects.
    • Authenticity
      • The homestay community shall retain its identity, values, and culture, to portray a distinct and authentic experience.
      • Preserve and involve guests in communal activities to showcase the community spirit and social cohesion.
      • Preserve local handcrafts and showcase local performing arts by establishing cultural groups and associations.
Village and community based activitiesShowcases local resources such as local culture and heritage, local enterprises, or natural resources. (IV)a. Interview the Homestay Organisation and ask about local cultural, heritage and natural resources in the village. b. Ask for a brief background and history of each local culture and heritage, enterprises, and natural resources c. Ask for the homestay activities itinerary, brochure, package etc. d. Photocopy and attach it with the report. e. Take photos if necessary. f. Write down the key responses to the interview in the report.
 Activities encourage interactive participation between the local community and guests. (IV, DR)a. Interview the Homestay Organisation and ask about activities that are offered to guests. b. List of activities and details on each activity. c. Evaluate the interactivity of each activity to determine if it encourages participation between the local community and guests. d. Write a brief evaluation report in the assessment
Surrounding activitiesVisits attractions in the surrounding areas. (DR)a. Check the list of activities and note the location of each activity. b. Make a note of each activity that involves visiting an attraction in the surrounding area
 Collaborates with surrounding villages in carrying out activities. (IV)a. Ask the Homestay Organisation if there are any collaborations with nearby villages in carrying out homestay activities. b. Note the types of collaboration made. c. Note which villages the Homestay Organisation has collaborations with.
AuthenticityCommunity retains its identity, values, and culture (language, lifestyle, etc.). (IV)a. Interview the Homestay Organisation and ask about their history and culture. b. Ask about lifestyle changes from before and the knowledge and use of their original languages c. Ask the opinion of the Homestay Organisation whether the community has retained its identity, values and culture. d. Ensure the elements of identity and culture are clearly and easily seen. e. Write the response of the interview in the report.
 Preserve and involve guests in communal activities. (IV)a. Interview the Homestay Organisation regarding communal activities that the village organises. b. List down the communal activities carried out at the village. c. Ask for a list of activities. d. Ask for photographs of the communal activities (if any). e. Ask tourists if they have participated in any communal activities.
 Preserve local handcrafts and showcase local performing arts. (IV, SI)a. Interview the Homestay Organisation and ask about the local handicrafts and performing arts. b. List down the handicrafts and performances. c. Note the cultural origins of the handicrafts and performing arts. d. Photograph the handicrafts and performances.

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