Phat Chi: A village in clouds of Quang Ninh

Binh Lieu District is entering the most beautiful time of the year as tourists can explore the fall and winter seasons in the border area of Quang Ninh Province. As one of the highest villages in Binh Lieu, Phat Chi is a favourite destination for travellers and backpackers.

Phat Chi: A village in clouds of Quang Ninh (Photo:

It takes visitors around 30 minutes to arrive at Phat Chi Village, departing from downtown Dong Van Commune and riding approximately 9 km along National Highway 18C.

Mother Nature blesses the village with tranquil and romantic scenery. Locals often say that Phat Chi is a village in the clouds. The village is covered by fog for up to nine months a year.

In winter and spring, it is foggy almost all day. Sometimes the sun is bright in the centre of Dong Van Commune, but visitors are bathed in fog when coming to Phat Chi village.

There, the weather changes so quickly that suddenly it rains and then it’s sunny. In winter, it is foggy. In summer, sometimes one can touch the clouds with their hands. On cloudy days, one can have the feeling of just raising their hand and touching the sky.

Located at an altitude of more than 1,500m, homestay A Dao is an interesting destination for travellers to Phat Chi Village.

Homestay A Dao is an interesting destination for travellers to Phat Chi Village. (Photo:

Covering a large space of over 400 sq.m, located halfway up the hill, the homestay is made from rustic materials, such as wood, rattan, and bamboo, and is designed as a stilt house.

The second floor has three rooms, which can accommodate between 30 to 60 guests. It has a large balcony allowing visitors to admire the mountains and clouds in front of their eyes.

According to the homestay manager, because the weather changes rapidly, it is possible that the sunny weather can quickly change into wind with blowing clouds.

From the homestay, tourists can explore the peaceful life of the local ethnic Dao community, learn about their traditional embroidery art, and visit beautiful and pristine waterfalls.

They can take a tour of Keo Nan rocky mountain and its nearby stream to catch fish and snails, which is only about 2-3km away from the homestay.

In addition, visitors can taste many delicious specialties of Binh Lieu District, such as stir-fried bamboo shoots with garlic, indigenous vegetables, and cassava cakes, or heal themselves with Dao ethnic herbal bathing.

NDO – – November 17, 2023

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