Lonely Planet voted Mui Ne as one of the “top 10” beautiful destinations in a travel guide

Mui Ne is an attractive spot with its long stretch of beach and beautiful sand dunes resembling the Sahara desert. Therefore, Lonely Planet has chosen and recommended it as a must-visit place in Vietnam. Since the beginning of 2023, Lonely Planet’s renowned travel guide from the United States has featured articles introducing and praising the beauty of Vietnam, aiming to help international tourists with reference and enjoyable experiences.

The articles include topics such as “10 Most Beautiful Natural Wonders in Vietnam,” “10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam,” and “Must-Visit Places in Mui Ne.” In all of these articles, Mui Ne is consistently recognized as a destination that travelers should not miss when visiting Vietnam. Particularly, the guide mentions the following about the expressway: “From the middle of 2023, the Dau Giay – Phan Thiet expressway will be open, reducing travel time between Ho Chi Minh City and Mui Ne from 4.5 hours to just over 2 hours.”

Specifically, Lonely Planet has ranked Mui Ne as the 5th most beautiful beach in Vietnam, stating that “Although Vietnam is not widely known for its beaches with rows of palm trees and crystal blue waters like its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam owns a coastline of 3,400 km and has its own unique beauty that travelers should admire.” Mui Ne beach is described as a “precious gem” among the resort areas along the Vietnamese coastline. However, in recent years, the erosion caused by tides has affected the golden sand dunes and led to coastal erosion.

This has somewhat diminished the allure of the golden sand in certain areas. Depending on the season, the sand dunes still possess hidden beauty and provide an ideal setting for evening parties and sunbathing on the beach during the day. Moreover, Mui Ne is a destination that attracts water sports enthusiasts, particularly kiteboarding, and there are even centers that offer kiteboarding lessons. Thanks to the ideal wind conditions, this activity is favorable from late October to April of the following year.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes. Photo: N.Lan

In this travel guide, Mui Ne Sand Dunes were voted as one of the 10 most beautiful natural wonders in Vietnam. Lonely Planet introduces: Mui Ne is famous for its immense white and red sand dunes. The red sand dunes, called Hong Hill, are located north of Mui Ne and are smaller than the white sand dunes, also known as White Sand Dunes, which are 24 km northeast of Mui Ne.

What’s even more impressive is the continuous wind blowing from the sea, sculpting the sand dunes into stunning shapes, resembling the Sahara desert. To admire the natural beauty here, the guide suggests that tourists can rent a sand sliding board and provides tips on how to slide.

Next, the article “Must-Visit Places in Mui Ne” introduces visitors to attractions such as the Fishing Village, Fairy Stream, and PoShanu Cham Tower, as well as a variety of services including dining, shopping, and impressive entertainment options right in the heart of Mui Ne.


BTO – en.baobinhthuan.com.vn – November 28, 2023

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