Hue: Paintings on conical hats

A young man named Phan Quang Nhat, living on Bui Thi Xuan Street (Hue City), has shown his passion for painting by creating paintings on conical hats.

The conical hats painted by Nhat, with motifs of the homeland, the country, and scenic spots of Hue, are very popular with visitors. Therefore, when they want to experience painting on conical hats, he is really prepared. Thanks to that, his home space is always bustling with laughter whenever there are visitors.

Besides Phan Quang Nhat’s facility, a number of households and young people in the area also carry on business and start up business with this model.

Being meticulous in every step

Visitors are delighted with conical hats with paintings

Foreign visitors are practicing painting on the conical hats

The conical hats are introduced to visitors near and far


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