Exploring community tourism in Da Bac (Hoa Binh)

Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province boasts pristine and majestic natural landscapes and is home to five ethnic groups of Muong, Tay, Dao, Kinh, and Thai. It is included in the master plan on the development of the National Hoa Binh Lake Tourist Area by 2030, providing favourable conditions for tourism development, especially community-based.

Travellers experience traditional crafts at Sung hamlet, Cao Son commune, Da Bac district.

Beauty of community tourism site in Duc Phong hamlet, Tien Phong commune, Da Bac district next to Hoa Binh lake. Homestay facilities at community tourism site in Doan Ket hamlet, Tien Phong commune, Da Bac district, ensure standard accommodation for tourists.

Coming to Da Bac, tourists could explore and stay at community tourism sites in Ke hamlet, Hien Luong Bay in Hien Luong commune, which is a branch of Hoa Binh lake. They could experience the unique culture of the Muong people along with the picturesque natural scenery, join exciting activities such as bamboo rafting, kayaking, and enjoy cuisine with distinctive flavors.

About 38km from the district centre is Duc Phong village, formerly known as Da Bia in Tien Phong commune – a destination for tourists seeking relaxation and exploration of the life of the Muong Ao Ta ethnic community in the highland region. With high-quality services provided by local residents, this tourist spot was honoured with the “ASEAN Community-Based Tourism” award at the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) in 2019.

Doan Ket hamlet in Tien Phong commune is home to 28 Muong ethnic households living along the banks of Hoa Binh lake. The hamlet boasts beautiful natural landscapes, creating a perfect harmony of skies, mountains, lakes, and village life of locals.

Tourists would find it hard to overlook the community-based tourism site in Sung hamlet where the Dao Tien ethnic group in Cao Son commune is living. The hamlet is situated at an altitude of about 530m, with the majestic Bieu mountain range behind and terraced fields stretching along the hillside in front, forming a stunning picturesque landscape.

According to Director of the Da Bac Community-Based Tourism JSC Dinh Thi Hao, there are currently three hamlets in the district developing community-based tourism with 13 households providing homestay services. This initiative has attracted over 180 members from 142 households joining various teams and groups that offer community-based tourism services. After 8 years of formation and development, with the support of the Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific (AFAP) in Vietnam in infrastructure, technical equipment, promotion and training for local residents, community-based tourism in Da Bac has been making rapid and sustainable progress, becoming an ideal destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Source: HBO – en.baohoabinh.com.vn – December 14, 2023

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