Cultural conservation and tourism development in Quang Nam

Cultural tourism is a trend that travellers are paying much attention to. Building cultural families associated with cultural preservation is a way to promote tourism development in Tien Phuoc (Quang Nam).

A model of building a family culture in Tien Phuoc

Cultural values are considered key factors for tourism development, contributing to local socio-economic growth. Tien Phuoc district has recently focused on improving its familial cultural foundation, in combination with local cultural values, to develop its local community-based tourism.

Along with familial cultural foundations, local cultural heritages have also been preserved and promoted for tourism development.

Memorial house of Huynh Thuc Khang

Tien Phuoc is one of the localities in Quang Nam with a diversity of historical and cultural heritages and relics that are being well-preserved.

They include the memorial house of Huynh Thuc Khang, Loc Yen ancient village, Cay Coc relic, Go Vang relic, Phu Lam school foundation, Phu Lam kiln, etc. 

Family-foundation of social development

Since it was recognised as a national cultural heritage in 2019, Loc Yen ancient village has become well-known, and more and more visitors have gone there.

So, the Tien Phuoc authorities have also had a lot of activities for tourism promotion.

A stone fence

Going to Loc Yen villages, travellers can have chances to visit 80-150 year-old ancient houses, stone fences, stone alleys, ancient wells, etc.

Loc Yen villagers are very proud of their cultural values. They are trying their best to preserve and promote these values. At the same time, they always keep their village’s space peaceful and green.

Translated by Q.Thu

Source: Quang Nam News – – December 17, 2023

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