“Emerald” Moc Chau – the World’s Leading Regional Nature Destination

(TITC) – At the Grand Final Gala Ceremony 2022 of World Travel Awards, Moc Chau (Vietnam), for the first time, was honoured to be called as the “World’s Leading Regional Nature Destination”.

Surpassing many forces to reckon with candidates such as Cameron Highlands (Malaysia), Laguna Colorada (Bolivia), Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve (Costa Rica), Namib Desert (Namibia), Nāpali Coast (Hawaii), Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia), Wulingyuan Scenic Area (China), Moc Chau (Vietnam) was crowned as the “World’s Leading Regional Nature Destination”.

Previously, in September 2022, at the Asia & Oceania Gala Ceremony 2022, Moc Chau was also crowned as Asia’s Leading Regional Nature Destination.

Located nearly 200 km northwest of the centre of Ha Noi, Moc Chau plateau is one of the most attractive destinations in the North. This place has a lasting beauty, all four seasons have their own hidden flavours. Being favoured by nature, the weather here is peaceful, fresh all year round with majestic pristine scenery, flower forests alternately blooming throughout the four seasons, the “precious emerald” of the Northwest mountains always welcomes visitors to visit at any time.

Spring is an ideal time for the plum blossoms to bloom white in the sky, interspersed with pink peach petals swaying in the wind, creating an extremely poetic scene. Moc Chau steps into the summer with the Ban (Bauhinia variegate) petals blooming in the sky. Mid-summer brings cool air and a feeling of peace like never before. Those are the endless and immense beauty of the green tea hills and the succulent peach plums visible to an observer. In Autumn, the space here is like a colourful landscape picture: the yellow colour of the ripe rice fields, the green colour of the fragrant tea hills, the white colour of the beautiful little mustard flower buds starting to bloom, sporadically a few wild sunflowers bud. In Winter, despite the coldest time of the year, the flowers bloom in every corner of Moc Chau. Cauliflowers cover the hills, wild sunflowers bloom on the trails…

In Moc Chau, visitors not only admire the charming of typical flowers in the Northwest mountains and forests, but also admire the famous landscapes associated with familiar names such as Dai Yem waterfall, Ban Ang pine forest, Heart tea hill, Na Ka plum valley, Pha Luong Peak, or a system of caves such as Ban On Cave, Bat Cave…

Moc Chau is really a perfect destination throughout the four seasons, an ideal place for those who love nature, want to immerse themselves in heaven and earth, and enjoy the peaceful space where the mountains and forests overlap.

The “World’s Leading Regional Nature Destination” award will be the driving force to create momentum for Moc Chau to go further in the field of tourism, to continue to develop and promote its potential. Additionally, develop eco-tourism and convalescence in association with environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. At the same time, this is a great opportunity for Moc Chau to attract investments, promote the image of the region and enhance the development of tourism with its inherent strengths of nature to a large number of domestic and international tourists.

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