ASEAN Homestay Standard: a comprehensive guideline for hosts

(TITC) – A host is a person/community that represents the homestay and provide services/hospitality to homestay guests.

  1. Host
    1. The Village and Community
      1. There shall be a minimum number of 5 registered homestay providers within the village to reflect community involvement and cohesion.
      1. The homestay shall be located close to nature-based and cultural tourism attractions in the surrounding areas.
      1. Priority shall be given to villages with a proven track record in organisation and beautification such as past winners of best village and best landscaping competitions.
      1. There shall be a community centre/area to be used as a base for the homestay operation and activities such as for welcoming ceremony, cultural performance, etc.
    1. Homestay Provider
      1. The homestay provider shall be free of criminal record.
      1. The homestay provider shall be in good general health and not inflicted with communicable diseases.
      1. A basic homestay course shall be formulated, attended and completed by each and every registered homestay provider.

Assessment Criteria for Homestay Organisation

The village and communityLocated close to nature and cultural attractions. (DR, IV) >>Nearest attraction: ___ kmPast winner of village based competitions. (DR) >> Name of awards:There is a community centre/area in the village. (SI) _________a. Interview the Homestay Organisation to identify the nearest nature or cultural tourism attraction, the distance to the attraction, as well as the best way of reaching the attraction (by foot, land vehicle, water or air). b. Write down the names of several nearby attractions. c. Use a map to verify the distance stated by the Homestay Organisation. d. Write the distance in kilometres (km) in the space provided.  
a. Ask the Homestay Organisation to show evidence of awards, certificates and/or trophies showing that the village had won competitions in the past.
b. List the name of the awards in the space provided.
c. Photocopy the certificates and photograph the trophies or awards.
d. Note the type of award won.
e. Attach the photocopies and/or photographs with the report.
a. Visit the community centre/area in the village.
b. Take a photograph (s) of the community centre/area.
c. Attach the photograph (s) of the community centre/area with the report.
Homestay providerHomestay provider has completed homestay course. (DR)a. Review any certificate(s) proving that the Homestay Provider had undergone and completed a homestay course. b. Note which organisation conducted the homestay course. c. Photocopy the certificate(s). d. Attach the photocopies of the certificate(s) with the report.

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