ASEAN CBT promotes safety, hygiene, innovation, creativity and technology

(TITC) – In order to develop sustainable tourism, ASEAN agreed apply standards of safety, hygiene as well as innovation, creativity and technology in regional community-based tourism. These standards are cleared in ASEAN CBT Standards.

Safety and hygiene

Standards for safety and hygiene measures in the community

– Establish a team to promote and monitor the implementation of safety and hygiene measures.

– Identify the target group for promoting and evaluating the promotion of safety and hygiene measures and monitoring the implementation.

– Prepare leaflets and announcements regarding the measures of competent institutions.

Standards for effective implementation of risk management mechanism

– Establish a team to deliver timely and effective response to emergency case.

– A risk management mechanism for the community exists.

– Duties and roles of the members of risk management group are clearly defined.

Standards for promoting innovation, creativity and technology usage in the community

Standards for encouraging the implementation of initiatives.

– Establish a working group to present the implementation of new ideas to community members.

– Encourage and provide technical support for the implementation of new ideas.

Standards for better knowledge and adoption of technology.

– Provide training on digital system usage and technology to community members.

– Encourage usage and update of technology the community operation management.

– Evaluate and monitor technology usage in the community in order to improve digital operation management.

Standards for better skills development.

– Provide upskilling and reskilling trainings (e.g. innovation, entrepreneurship skills, and new technology).

– Promote and encourage community members to take vocational training and further education.

Standards for ensuring creativity and new creations

– Plans to encourage initiatives and new creations exist in the community.

– Organise competitions and awards for creativity and new ideas in the community.

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