Vietnam recommended as best destinations for foodies

(TITC) – Author Florence Derrick with article posted in the site Skyscanner, has just suggested list of countries “where street food is king, eating out is the norm, and varied climates and native spices create mouth-watering worlds of food just waiting to be explored (and devoured)”. Vietnam is named along with Mexico, India, Thailand, Nepal, and Singapore.

According to the writer, these countries have from Michelin-starred street food stands to bustling night markets, and you could try everything without worrying about blowing your budget, and also to get the biggest bang for your buck on a food-focused holiday.

Vietnamese Pho. Photo internet

“If you’ve ever tucked into a steaming bowl of Pho, you’ll understand why foodie travellers fall in love with Vietnam”, author Florence Derrick wrote. And of course do not forgot banh mi and summer rolls with shrimp and mint leaves.

After visitors have raided the street food stalls of Ha Noi, they can then take an hour-long domestic flight to the lesser-known food capital of Hoi An, a destination where Chinese, French, and Japanese influences combine to create a unique take on Vietnamese cuisine, the site noted.

Alongside Vietnam, five other countries were also called into the list as great foodie destinations that you’ll be able to stuff yourself on as much local grub as you like, without worrying about overspending.

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