Temple of Literature with calligraphy attracts international visitors to Ha Noi

(TITC) – On the weekends, the Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam welcomes many visitors. The calligraphy area attracts many international visitors.

Caroline Masse’s family enjoys holding calligraphy in their hands

As the first university of the country and also a famous tourist destination in Vietnam, Temple of Literature welcomes many visitors at the weekends.

Imprints of history, culture and oriental architecture of the Temple of Literature make many visitors consider that this is one of the destinations not to be missed when coming to Ha Noi.

According to Lao Dong Newspapers, Mr. Jean Robert Chartier (61 years old, French), in the first time to Ha Noi, he and his group were surprised by the wonderful view of the Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam. He said his first impression was the specificity of the culture. In the second day to visit Ha Noi city, he was really attracted by the Temple of Literature.

Mr. Jean Robert Chartier also said that they continue to stay in the capital for 2 more weeks to visit more tourist attractions and enjoy Ha Noi specialties. After that, the delegation will visit Can Tho – the centre of the river region in the Southern to better understand Vietnam.

Also visiting the Temple of Literature on a weekend, family of Caroline Masse (43 years old, Canadian) was extremely excited while immersing in the ancient space of the Temple of Literature.

“It is true that my family visit the Temple of Literature, the space here is great, everything is very peaceful. It must be said that Ha Noi is a bustling city and the people are full of life and energy. In my opinion, the characteristic of Ha Noi is that people use motorbikes, we don’t have this in Canada.” – said Miss Caroline Masse.

Calligraphy teacher at Temple of Literature

At the Temple of Literature, her family was extremely excited to see calligraphy master writing calligraphy. Although she does not fully understand the meaning of each stroke, she feels the calligraphy is very beautiful and all her children like it.

Sharing about Vietnam tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Caroline is completely assured about Vietnam’s COVID-19 disease prevention because she feels the fresh air. She and her family will stay in Ha Noi for a few days before moving to another province/ city.

According to the General Statistics Office, in the 7 months of 2022, international visitors to Vietnam reached over 954 thousand arrivals, increasing 10 times over the same period last year, of which visitors to Ha Noi were estimated at 425.9 thousand arrivals. The number of international visitors increased sharply, contributing to the recovery of tourism of the city.

In order to spread the image of Ha Noi tourism to international markets, the Hanoi Department of Tourism will continue to promote the city’s tourist attractions, including the Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam.

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