Phu Tho: Attractive community tourism products of Hung Lo

Located on the peaceful and poetic Lo river, Hung Lo community cultural tourist destination, Hung Lo commune, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province with an architectural complex of ancient communal houses, temples, and pagodas is a destination to visit ancient houses, make Banh Chung, Banh Giay, experience listening to Xoan singing… of many domestic and international tourists when coming to the Fatherland. In 2022, the Hung Lo community tourism product group was recognized as a 3-star OCOP at the provincial level, contributing to promoting tourism potential, enhancing economic value for people, and preserving the traditional cultural identity of the locality.

Coming to Hung Lo community cultural tourist destination, visitors can visit the ancient communal house built more than 300 years ago, which still preserves the tangible cultural heritage values typical of Vietnamese cultural architecture, bearing the unique marks of the Hung Kings’ era, and is a community living space for the people. The Xoan singing program associated with Hung Lo communal house tourist site welcomes, explains, and guides visitors. Residents and tourists can listen to artisans and singers of Xoan ward performing ancient Xoan performances. Besides experiencing ancient architectural complexes, listening to Xoan singing, rice noodle craft village activities are also highlights of the journey to Hung Lo. Visitors will be able to participate in the steps to make the finished products and enjoy local specialties. In addition, visitors can also visit and experience the unique culture of the countryside market and high-tech agricultural models…

The subject of the Hung Lo community tourism OCOP product group is the Hung Lo community tourism service cooperative group with 17 participating members led by Mr. Nguyen Duc Thin, providing community tourism services. Members participating in the cooperative group providing tourism services have agreed to operate products and services in parallel with the government management.

Mr. La Tien Boong – Vice Chairman of the Commune People’s Committee said: “Developing local community tourism products has promoted improving the quality of tourism infrastructure and traditional craft village products to serve tourism in a professional direction, meeting the needs of tourists to enjoy and experience. The product has brought practical results, increased income for local people, contributed to restructuring the agricultural sector, and raised people’s awareness in preserving and promoting the national cultural values, protecting natural resources and the environment. Every year, the commune welcomes over 12,000 domestic visitors and more than 300 international visitors to visit and experience community tourism products.”

In the coming time, in order for Hung Lo community tourism products to spread out, the locality will continue to increase promotion and introduction on the platforms such as Facebook, Zalo, Youtube; Information and images of community tourism services are displayed at events and fairs inside and outside the province, at the same time further improving the quality of services, upgrading products, and building this place into an attractive destination and stop for tourists on their journey to the original festival region of Vietnam.

Hoang Huong

Source: Phu Tho Newspaper – – Mar 30, 2024

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