Green tourism – a journey towards the future

Green tourism is becoming a new travel trend that is popular with many people, and will become an vital trend in the future. Vietnam is also aiming for this type of tourism to promote sustainable development, protect the environment and preserve indigenous cultural values, thereby bringing visitors unique and meaningful experiences.

Foreign tourists participate in cycling activities in Ninh Binh. (Photo: 

By gradually becoming a destination that receives a lot of attention from tourists, in 2023, Vietnamese tourism has recorded outstanding growth when welcoming 12.6 million international visitors, and this number is expected to continue to increase this year.

Vietnam’s tourism development strategy until 2030 clearly affirms the goal of making the Southeast Asian country a particularly attractive tourist destination, among the top 30 most competitive countries in the world. To achieve this goal, one of the essential requirements is to develop tourism in a green, sustainable, environmentally friendly manner and respect local factors.

In order to maintain the attraction of the tourism industry, take advantage of opportunities for socio-economic development, and thereby move towards sustainable development, Vietnam needs to promote its existing strengths in natural and culture, as well as paying attention to sustainable tourism development to enhance tourist experience while maintaining a green tourism model.

Currently, some beaches and islands in Vietnam have said no to the use of plastic bags, plastic items and materials that pose a risk of polluting the marine environment. Many hotels have also eliminated plastic straws and disposable food and beverage containers and are using glass bottles to serve water in rooms. In addition, many places have also organized trash cleaning activities at attractions and brought new experiences to visitors such as participating in activities to protect and regenerate the natural environment.

Tourists enjoy the experience of picking up trash while traveling. (Photo: VOV) 

Using environmentally friendly means is also being given special attention in Vietnam. Public bicycle services are available in many provinces and cities in Vietnam such as Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Ba Ria-Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, electric vehicles are being encouraged to be used in many areas to limit emissions and this service has received positive reception from many tourists.

Travel companies are also actively innovating their products by adding more wildlife exploration activities, trekking, kayaking, along with tours to experience indigenous culture such as festivals. Traditional festivals and craft learning are also being widely implemented.

Along with that, other activities such as experiencing rural life through participating in planting and harvesting crops; cooking classes; staying at local homestays also brings visitors many interesting experiences.

Technology is also one of the factors that plays an important role in developing green tourism to help limit negative impacts on the environment and enhance tourist experience. Fully aware of this, Vietnam is also making efforts to effectively apply technology to develop tourism in a sustainable way through developing tourism information portals and improving online booking and payment systems. Applying virtual reality and augmented reality technology brings a convenient and vivid experience to visitors.

Green tourism is a strong growing trend worldwide. More and more tourists are choosing green travel because they want to have meaningful travel experiences and contribute to environmental protection. Vietnam is also promoting the development of green tourism by issuing support policies and building infrastructure. However, transforming tourism towards “greening” is a long-term process, requiring efforts from many parties, including the consensus and coordination of companies and tourism service providers as well as the cooperation of local people./.

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Source: CPV – – June 23, 2024

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