Green spaces in ASEAN cities

(TITC) – ASEAN cities respect the environment and sustainable development so that one of indicator of ASEAN Clean Tourist City Standard is green spaces. Green spaces in cities are areas accessible to the general public (the local population as well as tourists) where they can relax. They should be decorated with trees, flowers, and/or grass.

Roundabouts are not considered green areas because their purpose is to filter traffic and not used as areas for the population to relax. Green spaces should also be distinguished from “Natural Tourist Sites”, even though natural tourist sites can be linked and surrounded by green space. Furthermore, the cities cannot charge visitors in the green areas a fee to enjoy the area as in the case at some tourist sites.

Green spaces improve living conditions by providing natural locations in the urban areas. In general, some green spaces have already been arranged along the cities. Therefore, the standard is aimed at encouraging the use of green spaces by focusing on their quantity and maintenance.

The standard expectedly desires the cities to implement the green space maintenance and management in a way which is simple, easy and appropriately successful.

Quantity of green space in the city assesses the surface area in the city allocated for green spaces. Green space maintenance and management evaluates how often the spaces are maintained, whether there is a regular and set programme to improve the spaces, the quality and maintenance of public furniture (lighting, benches, walkways, etc.…) and the environmental management systems that are in place (energy saving system for lighting, irrigation, the use of organic fertiliser, etc.…).

Table of assessment on 2 indicators of Green Spaces

GREEN SPACESRequirement of major
CriteriaEvidences for criteriaAppraisalScore
1.Quantity of green
space in the city
Surface area in the city
allocated for green spaces
How many parks are there in the city?Provide:
-a map indicating parks in the city
and its total number
-park development projects in
progress (schedule…)
(at least
one to get
a score)
  What is the proportion of green space
compared to total surface area of the city?
Justify the percentage of the green
space surface compared to total
surface of the city
(At least
5% to get
a score)
2. Green space
maintenance and
Are there measures to
properly manage and
maintain green space in the
Which institution maintains and manages
green spaces?
-name of authority in charge (with
a municipal decision) and/or a
contract of maintenance with a
-list of tasks
-notice board
Other (i.e.
None (No
  Is there a regular scheduled maintenance
and management programme?
Provide the monthly schedule to
justify frequency of maintenance
and management
  Are there environmental
management systems in place
(energy saving system for lighting,
irrigation, the use of organic
fertiliser, etc.)?
-Detail of lighting system
-Choice of species
-Rational use of natural resources
(watering schedule)
-Quantity of organic fertiliser used
for the parks
– Number of Detailed Indicators: 2
– Number of Criteria: 5

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