Da Nang prepares human resources to serve Indian and Middle East tourist markets

The Da Nang Department of Tourism organised an exchange programme on Saturday in a bid to make preparations for the Indian and Middle Eastern tourist markets.

Director of the Da Nang Department of Tourism Truong Thi Hong Hanh (middle) informing about the city’s preparations to serve the Indian and Middle Eastern tourist markets. Photo: THU HA.

In attendance at the event were Mr. Subhash Prasad Gupta, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India to Viet Nam, some Indian media agencies and representatives of nearly 200 tourism firms and airlines at both home and abroad.

Information about psychology, culture and tastes of Indian and Middle Eastern tourists, as well as plans to open direct flights from major Indian cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi to Da Nang from October 2022, were introduced at the programme.

Additionally, packages of tourism products and services with preferential and attractive prices in the city were promoted.

Mr. Subhash Prasad Gupta briefed the programme attendees on the trends and potential of Indian tourists, and some difficulties in bringing them to Da Nang as well.

Besides, he remarked that Da Nang and India shared many similarities in the cuisine and culture. He, therefore, asked for support from the city to facilitate film crews from India to film in Da Nang, which will significantly contribute to promoting Da Nang’s tourism.

Director of the municipal Department of Tourism Truong Thi Hong Hanh said that the Middle Eastern tourist market, especially the 9 key countries in the ‘Developing relations between Viet Nam and countries in the Middle East – Africa during the 2016 -2025 period’ project, is one of the city’s strategic markets in tourism cooperation and development.

Businesses and media agencies from India expressing their keen interest in Da Nang. Photo: THU HA

Before COVID-19 in 2018, Qatar Airways-operated air service connecting Doha (Qatar) and Da Nang contributed to attracting a large number of tourists from Middle East to the coastal city, and opening up opportunities to connect with 150 destinations in Qatar Airways’ network.

In an effort to attract more Indian and Middle Eastern tourists to Da Nang in the coming time, the municipal Department of Tourism has coordinated with the city’s Tourism Association and the local Tourism Promotion Fund to develop attractive tourism product packages.

“In the near future, we will continue to develop specific products for these markets, especially high-class tourism products and services such as wedding and resort tourism products in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of Indian and Middle Eastern tourists” emphasised Mrs. Hanh

Starting from October 2022, budget carrier Vietjet Air will open new routes from Mumbai and New Delhi, the two largest and most important cities of India, to Da Nang, which will be a favourable premise for exchanging and connecting air passenger sources between the localities.

Furthermore, the city plans to make business trips to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to introduce its tourism and promote the early reopening of the Doha-Da Nang route. Besdies, the city will continue to connect with embassies and consulates of India to support tourism promotion programmes between the two sides.

Reporting by THU HA – Translating by M.DUNG

Source: Da Nang Today – baodanang.vn/english

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