Connecting tour between Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai by train

(TITC) – Inter-provincial tour Ho Chi Minh City – Dong Nai Province by train was built to stimulate domestic tourism, contributing to the growth of tourism in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

Visiting Nha Vien Quan

In order to strengthen linkages and cooperation in the development of inter-provincial tourism products and services, more than 40 tourism businesses joined the famtrip by the train from Ho Chi Minh City to survey tourism attractions in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province on 18-19 November.

Visiting Tran Bien Temple of Literture

The famtrip visited Tran Bien Temple of Literature, Mango Garden Eco-tourism Area, Son Tien Tourist Area, Buu Long Tourist Area; experience making pottery with artisans of Dong Nai College of Decorative Arts; mud and mineral bath services at Thien Tam tourist site; enjoy food at Nha Vien restaurant and K’Tan restaurant.

Making pottery

Ms. Le Thi Thu Huong – tour operator of Golden Holiday Travel Company said that this train tour is very interesting, although the journey is short, visitors can overview landscapes and learn local life of two destinations.

Specifically, the experience of making pottery with the artisans of Dong Nai College of Decorative Arts is difference from other regions. Visitors learn the process of making a ceramic product, and are instructed to do it themselves on-site.

Visiting Mango Garden Eco-tourism Area

Visiting Mango Garden Eco-tourism Area, it was surprising that there was no mango but overwhelmed by the natural landscape, diverse species of rare animals in the world and Vietnam.

Visiting Buu Long Tourist Area

After the survey tour, Golden Holiday will build 2-3 test tours combining inter-provincial destinations between Ho Chi Minh City – Bien Hoa city.

Tourism Information Technology Center

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