Binh Thuan to survey the reality of tourism in craft villages and cuisine in the province

Recently, a program to survey, develop, and promote tourism products in craft villages and cuisine in Binh Thuan was carried out by the Tourism Promotion Information Center in early June 2024.

Fish sauce craft village in Phu Hai (Phan Thiet City)

Joining the program, there were leaders from the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the Tourism Promotion Information Center, representatives from travel companies, tourism product development experts from Ho Chi Minh City, media agencies, and relevant local departments.

Taking place over 3 days from June 3rd to 5th, the delegation conducted on-site surveys at several famous craft villages such as Phan Thiet fish sauce village (Phan Thiet City), rice paper and rice noodle village, clean vegetable farming village (Ham Thuan Bac), Binh Duc pottery village, and brocade weaving (Bac Binh). Alongside this, they explored the ingredients, cooking methods, and savored the local specialties: Phu Long rice noodle, rolled fish sausage, squid teeth, banana stem fish porridge, pancake, hot pot, duck braised in coconut water. They also visited and learned about the Cham Cultural Exhibition Center, the Cham Royal Costume Collection, and a vineyard that serves tourists in Bac Binh district.

According to the Tourism Promotion Information Center, this activity was organized to survey potential tourism products related to craft villages and cuisine that are closely tied to traditional culture and local history. Additionally, it aims to strengthen collaboration with travel companies and media both within and outside the province to promote and publicize the tourism potential effectively. Furthermore, it aims to create culinary tourism tours that showcase the destination’s image and traditional craft villages, offering unique and novel travel experiences to attract and prolong tourists’ stays when visiting and relaxing in Binh Thuan…

Rice paper craft village in Ham Thuan Bac district

Pottery craft village

Survey of the fish sauce craft village in Phu Hai (Phan Thiet City). Survey of the rice paper craft village in Ham Thuan Bac district. Production of rice noodle… And the vegetable farming village in Phu Long. Additionally, the delegation also conducted surveys on the pottery craft village, and brocade weaving in Bac Binh district. They also explored and savored the local specialties.

The program also took some time to visit the Cham Cultural Exhibition Center, Cham royal costume and the grape garden in Bac Binh district.

Translated by My Thien

Source: BTO – – June 12, 2024

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