Dao Ngoc Ngu Xa night food street debuts in Hanoi

Dao Ngoc Ngu Xa night food street and the pedestrian area officially opened across Ngu Xa street and Nguyen Khac Hieu street in Ba Dinh district of Hanoi on December 23, with the area providing more entertainment space for locals citizens and tourists.

A night-time food zone and pedestrian streets are set up in Ba Dinh District, and launched for people to enjoy on December 23

A night food street area is expected to contribute to promoting the image of capital as safe, friendly, quality and attractive destination for people to visit

In auguration ceremony of the night food street attracted large crowds made up both of local residents and tourists

Foreigners are excitied at visiting new night food street area

The entired Dao Ngoc Xa is closed from 7pm to midnight in order to tranform it into the food zone every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In the long run, the district will consider opening food zone everyday, as well as baning vehicles from 7pm to 5am.