2 modern public restrooms, with cameras monitoring outside to operation

(TITC) – Ho Chi Minh City launched 2 public restrooms with many modern features, meeting ASEAN international standards

Vietnam Toilet Association (VTA) coordinated with the Central Team Council to hand over 2 public restrooms to the People’s Committee of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. These two restrooms are located at 8 Nguyen Trung Truc and 135 Nguyen Hue (District 1).

These are 2 smart restrooms, meeting ASEAN international standards, including a shared toilet and a management kiosk located at the front. The toilet will be completely free for people.

Public restroom at 135 Nguyen Hue (Photo: VTA)

The restroom is modernly designed, clean, and has green trees and seating areas outside. The inside uses metal material, shiny and clean. The entire system inside the public restroom uses gesture sensors, no direct hand touching to avoid cross-infection.

Outside the restroom, there is a surveillance camera system, images are transmitted to the screen inside the toilet so that users can monitor (if there is a motorbike parked outside).

Inside the public restroom is mostly metal, clean, creating a spacious feeling (Photo: VTA)

These two public restrooms have many outstanding features such as: remote management and incident reporting via the internet; ventilation, hood, automatic fan; Automatic disinfection with UV rays and drying; external monitor; automatic floor washing system; the emergency SOS button is placed in a low position, in case someone falls…

It is known that the restroom uses a 24VDC power source and anti-shock RCBO, absolutely safe for users. Power supply is always guaranteed even when there is a power outage thanks to the battery system. Maximum battery usage time is 8 hours.

The buttons use the sensor principle, do not touch directly (Photo: VTA)

On 19th March, City Party Secretary Nguyen Van Nen had a working session with the People’s Committee of District 1, about the situation of public restrooms in the district and the city in general.

On 6th May, Tien Phong Environmental Technology Joint Stock Company in coordination with District 1 People’s Committee held the inauguration ceremony of a public restroom combined with a multi-function kiosk serving free of charge for residents and tourists at 2 locations.

The first toilet area combined with a multi-purpose kiosk is located at 2-4-6 Hai Ba Trung, a land area of about 6,000m2, located between 4 major roads Hai Ba Trung – Thi Sach – Dong Du – Me Linh Square roundabout.

It is expected that in 2023, the Vietnam Toilet Association will work with socialisation units to build 200 similar public restrooms, and by 2025, about 500 public restrooms will be completed.

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